NHS - Gamma Knife

Admission Day

Information and Advice about what to do on your admission day

When you arrive please report to the ward/location at the time specified in your admission letter, this may vary depending on the day of the week you arrive and the time of day your Treatment will commence (some patients are started in the morning and some start at lunch time).   The letter will also advise whether or not you should be prepared to either, bring your own lunch to eat in your room, or if you wish, visit our canteen on D floor.

Whilst on the ward that first day you will meet:

Nursing Staff

We will admit you into the hospital and make sure you are allocated any new medication you may need for the treatment day.

Please bring any medication you already take with you as this will assist the nurse.

Therapy Radiographers

They will explain, in detail, exactly how and when your treatment is to be carried out and will arrange with your relatives their movements on the following day.


They will examine you and update our knowledge of your medical history if neccessary. 

You may have already have been through this process during your outpatient clinic appointment.

The Therapy Radiographer you see will advise you if this is needed.

(If you are admitted on Sunday you won't be seen by the  therapy radiographer but a letter containing your treatment details will be given to you by the nurses)

Consultant or Senior Registrar

In most circumstances you will have been counselled and consented for your radiosurgery treatment when you attended for your outpatient clinic appointment. It will not be neccessary to see the doctor again before your treatment unless you have any questions that the radiographers are unable to answer for you.