NHS - Gamma Knife


An Acoustic Neuroma, also known as a vestibular shwannoma, is a slow growing benign tumour which grows on the eighth or vestibulocochlear nerve.  Patients with these tumours normally have symptoms of deafness, tinnitus and balance problems.

The Gamma Knife has a role to play in treating unilateral (one side only) and bilateral (on both sides) Acoustic Neuroma tumours up to 3-3.5 cm maximum diameter. The aim of the treatment is to prevent tumour growth, rather than removal, whilst preserving any residual hearing. Often even substantial shrinkage is achieved. Stereotactic radiosurgery treatment with the Gamma-Knife has been available for these tumours for over 30yrs and more than 24,500 patients have been treated by this method, world-wide. Here in Sheffield we have treated in excess of 4,300 Acoustic Neuromas.  Further information about these tumours is available from the BANA(British Acoustic Neuroma Association) Web site.

We also treat Neuromas which arise in other sites in the brain (eg Facial neuroma and Trigeminal Neuromas)