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Here's what our past patients think about Gamma Knife

Jan 2019  

This is just to say thank you so much!.... my dad had his surgery in Jan and all went well , he was treated excellently and couldn't praise the staff and hospital enough!... so thank you to all, please pass on to the staff.. and also to says thanks for helping with questions ect .. once the ball was rolling for this procedure everything ran smoothly and we really appreciate that ... all the best ... S.   :o)

Feb 2019   

Dear Mr Radatz and all of the wonderful team at the gamma knife centre. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your kindness and support during my husband's gamma knife treatment over the last couple of days. We travelled a long way to see you and were stressed and apprehensive but the whole team were so lovely and did everything they could to make it a positive experience. Thank you so much to K (favourite colour purple) and N (pink) for keeping my husband company all day and for K who regularly popped in with a new joke or two. Thank you so much to the team who fitted the frame, did the angiogram and MRI and all of the wonderful colleagues behind the scene whose expertise helped the treatment plan. The recovery ward N2 was wonderful with such kindness and a cheery atmosphere (Thanks to G and all) and lovely catering services - better than any private hospital any day. We are now looking forward to round two of the treatment in 6 weeks time with a happy heart and confidence the team will do all they can to make this a success. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are all amazing!

Love from L and M

Jul 2018

The whole procedure was very good and efficient and I wouldn't change anything.  Many thanks to everybody involved, especially the radiographer with me, who was with me throughout to answer questions and and help the procedure to run smoothly.


Apr 2018

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of the Stereotactic team for the high levels of care and professionalism afforded to me during my radiosurgery treatment.  You all made my experience very comfortable and stressless by explaining the various stages of the process which really enabled me to remain calm throughout...... As did the George Michael music!


Feb 2018

To all staff in Stereotactic Radiosurgery and all ward staff involved in my treatment.  Thank you so much for your care, reassurance, professionalism and teamwork. From start to finish you were all amazing.


Aug 2017.   

Just a quick note to thank you all for your care and consideration whilst I was having my treatment. I realise that planning 7 tumours wouldn't be an easy task and I am grateful to the physics person for taking the time to do so. Thanks also to the radiographers who kept me informed of proceedings throughout the day and always made sure I was comfortable. Final thanks go to the team who stayed way beyond their normal finishing time to make sure my treatment was completed in one session.








Jul 2017 

Hi there, I would just like you to know that the standard of being looked after by all the staff was outstanding. I could have not have asked for a better service. You kept me informed of what was going on at every stage. I would like to tell Mr J G Rowe he done a good job and that he has a very good team round him. I am healing nicely no headache or side effects just have to give it time and I will be positive to get the pain relief that I have suffered for over 20 years. I would appreciate if you could pass this message on to the team that dealt with me and it is good to know there is a NHS that helps us, all over Britain.


Jan 2017 .


I would like to thank Mr Radatz for his initial support and guidance in helping us to make the decision as to which course of treatment to take; his clear, professional, explanation of the treatment and its risks and benefits was invaluable to us in making what we believe to be the best choice on the way forward.  Likewise, at that initial appointment, our thanks for the guidance and support that we received from the radiographer team that reinforced our decision making and our reliance on the team and the course of action that we had chosen


Jan 2017 

I would like to express my gratitude to the Stereotactic Radiosurgery team at the Royal Hallamshire. I would like to offer my profound thanks to all of the members of the team that looked after my wife and I last week during the whole procedure.  We would particularly wish to thank the radiographer that pretty-much looked after us all day, her lovely personality and friendly professionalism were of huge support to us both.  It was clear to me that all of the team understood that the anxiety of the day was perhaps more worrisome for my wife than it was for me and everyone helped with that throughout. I regret that I cannot remember the names of everyone that I met during all of the parts of the procedure, although every single member introduced themselves to us. 

 However, my thanks go to the team that fixed the frame – that initially would have seemed to be the most worrying part.  In fact it was a ‘’walk in the park’’ and certainly no worse than many simple dental processes!  Thank you to all of the radiographers and their support during the MRI and the Gamma knife processes – in both of those I was close to falling asleep, I was so relaxed.  

 Thank you to the member of staff for her care and support in the ward both before and after the procedure (we regret that we did not manage to get to her recommended curry house afterwards as we were both a little tired and emotional after the long day). 

 Our over-riding impressions of the facilities and of the staff is of ‘’excellence’’, ‘’professionalism’’ and ‘’caring’’.  Many people like to take a swipe at the NHS but our experience at the Royal Hallamshire certainly showed us a facility and team at the top of their game.  Thank you.





Sep 2016 

There is only one team like you.  I'm so grateful to have you to support me.  You are amazing!!


Aug 2016 

Thank you all so much for all your fantastic care and attention 


July 2016 

Things have vastly improved for me since my treatment. Medication is down by over a third, and I’m lowering it week by week. Twinges are still there in the background, but nowhere near as many or as strong (well the odd strong one sneaks through from time to time). I can’t say thank you enough, what a change. If there is anything I can do to help the team out please let me know. Many thanks.  


May 2016  

I'd like to express my thanks for the excellent care and treatment I had from you in the course of my 3 visits to you for Gamma Knife surgery I've counted up over 20 people in the team who were directly involved in my radiosurgery and I know they were others unseen by me, who were equally important, so thanks again for your care, empathy, professionalism, humour and patience.  


Apr 2016

 Thank you all for the kindness you showed to me and my husband and for the understanding you showed for my claustrophobia and nerves. We were a long way from home but you made us feel so welcome and relaxed  


Apr 2016  

Just a short note to say "Thanks" to all staff who looked after me so well during my 5hr stint on your machine. Special thanks to "my radiographer" for all her halp and support during the day 


Feb 2016  

On behalf of my mother and myself can we please forward our great thanks towards everyone we came in contact with during Mam's treatment on Monday . Everyone was extremely kind and they always went the 'extra mile' to make sure Mum was well cared for. Please forward our thanks to everyone who cared for Mum. We are very grateful.  Wishing You All The Very Best .


Feb 2016

The Hospital has an amazing group of people,  EVERYONE has gone out of their way to help me and have treated me like a human being. I feel  privileged that my care was in Sheffield. I'll never forget the care you all provided for me


Feb 2016

I would like to thank you for talking me through the fitting of my frame with members of the team, it all went so well. I have really enjoyed today and enjoyed all the TLC. You are a fabulous team and it will be a day I won't forget for all good reasons




I consider myself very lucky to have been able to receive stereotactic treatment. I am happy that my pre-treatment symptoms are already diminishing, of course this is all due to the combination of Individuals' skills acting as a team.

The atmosphere in the department was calm, well organised and efficient. Despite the nature of the procedure, at no time did i feel really apprehensive about what was happening. You really are a credit to our NHS.

Aug 2016

Dec 2015

Once again we would like to thank you for the wonderful care and kindness you have given. You are all worth your weight in gold


Nov 2015

In a society where we complain so much, I think it's important to thank and praise where it's due. You certainly deserve praise for the amazing way you do your job. You were cheerful, kind and inspired me with trust; in what was for me a traumatic experience you and the rest of your team work so,so hard.


Nov 2015 

Thank you so much for the incredible treatment I've had over the last few days (and the weeks leading up to it) I'ts greatly appreciated.


Sept 2015


I was so impressed by the high standard of the organisation of the work to be done, and also the kindness shown to me by complete strangers



April 2015  

Thank you very much for the superb treatment I received last week. Your professionalism is second to none. Thank you also for the kindness and attention you showed to both me and my husband. We will never forget you


July 2015

Thank you for your excellant and dedicated






June 2015

Please could you pass on our huge thanks for all the kindness and excellent care we received from everyone in the Gamma Knife team. Thanks to everyone's cheery and friendly manner, R.... was not in the least worried about her operation, and I was very confident that she was having the best care possible.
When you all said that R...... would be back to normal very quickly I didn't really believe you, but having had the operation on Saturday she was back at school on
Tuesday, and doing cartwheels on the lawn by


June 2015

I had treatment by your department last week, I would just like to say a very big thank you for the way my treatment and time when I was in your department.The Doctors, nurses and all the other members of your department and ward were fantastic and really made me feel at rest about my treatment.A very big thank you from me and my family.



From my first visit to the facility, I have been treated with the utmost consideration and what may potentially have been a daunting experience was lightened by your professinalism, disapline and friendly approach.

The whole experience for me was all new, but I shall remember it all in a kindly way, it was a real pleasure to meet you all.

June 2015

March 2015


A Big  thank you to everyone on the Gamma Knife Team who gave help and  such kindness to Mum when she was treated last week



Jan 2015

Thank you for all your care and attention whilst waiting for treatment and for putting myself and my partner at ease by talking us through all that was

happening during my treatment




December 2014

To ALL of the Staff at the Gamma Knife Unit and Ward N2, a special ‘Thank You’ for the excellent care, attention to detail, and treatment that my wife Val received from everyone there.
From the first day’s consultation on Monday the 8th of December until the Saturday that she was allowed to travel home, we received the best possible service.

Dec 2014

I would like to thank yourself as well as all the other professionals involved in ensuring that my assessment appointment as well as the stereotactic radiosurgical treatment was to say the least seamless. I am grateful to yourself for your understanding communication, the consultant whom I saw at the pre treatment assessment, to the staff on Ward N2 on the day of admission, the day ward on the morning of treatment and the staff at the department of stereotactic radiosurgery, in particular the radiographersI feel that I have been a very lucky person to have received this treatment and am very grateful for everything that has been done for me.

June 2015

I would Just like to comment on the care and treatment I received from your clinic.

From my initial cosultation to my dischage from the clinic last week, I would just like to thank all concerned, without exception everyone and I mean everyone,were so good, all very courteous,helpful, friendly, informative and above all I got the impression I was in the care of some very dedicated, professional people.

We hear every day via the media of some horrendous things within the NHS, which no doubt some are true, but I have to speak from my own experience, and I could not fault anything or anyone.

So thanks again to one and all.

I would be most grateful if you could make my comments known.


 August 2015

I would like to thank my Consultant, the radiographers, physics staff, the office, the MRI team, the Radiologist and nurse who performed my angiogram, and also the nurses and staff of the ward I stayed on. So sorry I can't remember all of your names but on the removal of my glasses after the fitting of the frame I couldn't see so well!

I would like to say everyone of you were so polite, kind and caring which helped me through this procedure, explaining everything along the way which made the fear of the unknown completely bearable.

The Radiographers jokes also lightened the day. The fitting of the frame wasn't as bad as anticipated so I would say don't watch You Tube!



For someone coming from Surrey to be referred to Sheffield never ever having been there and not knowing the Hallamshire Hospital, I give you all a Gold Star. You were amazing and treated me like a person not a number.

Thank you again for making my stay a comfortable one.

Jan 2015

You made a very nervous patient so at ease by your bright yet highly professional skill.

Thank you and may you long continue with your wonderful service